We provide security and more our corporation provides Constitutional Law Enforcement {C.L.E.} and Patriot Police Law Enforcement {P.P.L.E}. 


We are fully Authorized and Commissioned Law Enforcement Officers, providing security, protection and safety to our clients. Our services include video surveillance;video evidence retrieval; monitoring and data collection.

All of our uniforms are visibly marked so that the public is advised of our authority and responsibilities. 


We are authorized to  perform investigations, in reference to Constitutional Law and Patriot Act Violations as we protect the people, the country  and the United States our Police/Law  Enforcement Officers are authorized to perform acts super-ceding security, Patrolmen and/or Deputies. Our authority is similar to the Sheriff in protecting the rights of the people, rights of commerce and trade as well as protecting their rights to their property.


We also provide oversight of operations.  

This includes organizing security for events, for personal protection, and for transportation security because we are authorized in all jurisdictions across the United States of America.  Because of the level of security, safety concerns and liabilities, we hire only veterans for their experience and their level of training to ensure the level of security different industries require.

Constitutional Law Enforcement Capabilities

For These United State of America Inc

Constitutional Law Enforcement

We Operate According to the Law of the Land

the Constitution for the United States of America

with the Bill of Rights.

We enforce Law against public, government officials and employees

Special skills/equipment


All of our officers are equipped with a laptop (to have documents available to fill out and send to potential clients), an i-pad ( for video surveillance and for remote control equipment), 6 wireless cameras (for video surveillance), personal video recording equipment for video retrieval,  they are equipped with a full law enforcement belt and vest, as well as personal protection equipment.  


They are dressed in fully marked law enforcement uniforms and attire.  Our officers may be hired armed or unarmed.  Because of the level of security and security threats, and the level of liabilities, we only hire veterans for their training and experience.  We look forward to meet the level of security the Asset Recovery industry may utilize.