U.S.A. Patriot Police Officer

The U.S.A. Patriot Police Officer is a commissioned position, not an employment position. The Officer is never off duty and their authority is in force 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year.


 The U.S.A. Patriot Police Officer derives their authority through the Constitutional Law Enforcement Corporation’s Character of Affairs and Purpose to enforce the Constitution for the United States of America (1789). The lawful authority is assumed, authenticated and certified by the voluntary reaffirmation of the Veteran’s Oath to protect, defend and enforce the Constitution for the United States of America (1789) against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This includes the constitution of the state that the Constitutional Law Enforcement Corporation operates in and in which the U.S.A. Patriot Police Officer resides and performs his primary duties. The jurisdiction of the U.S.A. Patriot Police Officer is valid both the federal areas and state territories in and throughout the United States of America. (North Gate)


Compensation is to be provided through public funding of the U.S.A. Patriot Police Officer actively commissioned and performing their duties. (5 U.S. Code § 3328 - Selective Service registration; 18 U.S. Code § 1589 - Forced labor) Compensation must include all living expenses and work related expenses during the time of the U.S.A. Patriot Police Officer’s commission and continue in perpetuity with their oath,

 in accordance with 42 USC 1994 and 18 USC 1581 and 18 USC 4.


This U.S.A. Veteran check has always potentially existed to satisfy a Veteran's reasonable needs. It is commercially backed by the Veteran's covenant devotion of service for the beneficiary U.S.A. Public.


Every United States Veteran has the natural and commercial right to use this type of check to draw and to pay money from the United States Treasury, to purchase a reasonable survival amount of all of his/her life essentials, including food, clothing, shelter, transportation, communication, health needs, and currency/cash, for the establishment and maintenance of one's family, for the establishment and maintenance of one's occupation, for facilitation of the closure of barter transactions, and for the purchase of necessary miscellaneous items. The U.S.A. Veteran must keep a record of checks issued, purchases made with those checks, and proof of purchases.


This Public Money is denominated in De Jure United States of America Labor-Tax-Backed Red Seal Note Dollars, established by John F. Kennedy's Executive Order #11110. John F. Kennedy's de jure red seal United States Note fund was, and Is, backed by all of the labor taxes collected since 1933. The U.S.A. Is not bankrupt.


United States Code (USC) Titles 18 and 42:42 USC1994 (Peonage and Involuntary Servitude Unlawful), 18 USC 1581 (Punishment for Violating 42 USC 1994), 18 USC 4 (Reporting a Federal Crime is Mandatory, and there is no filing fee for reporting it), 18 USC 241 (Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights is Unlawful)

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