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There are many ways to volunteer, from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events. Here are ways you can help:

HOST A Veterans Support Meeting

Hosting a meeting means 10 or more people that have and interest in any of the classes, programs and activities that we have mentioned are available. The most important conditions needed are serious minds and dedicated hearts. Remember this as you organize your meetings. This type of meeting goes beyond an interesting conversation. Our classes and programs are meant to be actionable from the start. So let those who attend know, buckle your seat belts, and be ready for the ride of theirs lives.

Contact us for more information.

BECOME A Constitution Law Enforcement Officer

Become a Constitutional Law Enforcement Officer in your area. We are looking for those individuals who demonstrate exemplary standards and are willing to perform a great service for The People. Training is available for those who are selected. This is not employment! This a commission for duty. Candidates with a DD 214 and an honorable discharge are already under oath and will be for the rest of their lives. We hold classes  that will give information on the duties, laws, and benefits of being a Constitutional Law Enforcement Officer. You can be the peace for yourself, your family, friends and fellow Americans.

Find out how?

Support by Giving a Gift

The support gift is received by

For These United States of America Inc. It is used to support our on going classes and programs for Veterans and their families. It is a gift an therefore not tax deductible.

Gift tax returns do not need to be filed unless you give someone, other than your spouse, money or property worth more than the annual exclusion for that year of $13,000.00.


Our suggested gifts are substantially less than that amount. Gift what you can, all amounts are appreciated.

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